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 Latest Update 8/31/2015
Justin Wilson Childrens Fund Details on News Page.

The 2016 IndyCar Season is not published, announced, or decided upon!  AGAIN!


in a partnership with the Susan G. Komen breast cancer organization.  Go to the link below and donate!



Allow extra time for traffic, accidents, rerouting by law enforcement and anything else that can go wrong.  If you are running late, everything will go wrong!

 Wear comfortable shoes and clothing.  Bring hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and earplugs.  Purchase  disposal rain coats (2 for $1 at Dollar Tree).  Bring 2 for each person in party. 

Pack as light as possible.  Keep hydrated – watch your alcohol consumption.

Most tracks offer portable ATM locations, but they sometimes run dry especially during event delays.  Bring a few extra bucks with you and don’t rely on an ATM for cash.

If you find a convenience store close to the track, expect to pay higher than normal prices for items.  They are usually jammed with folks who didn’t prepare and tend to gouge race fans.

Most tracks will adhere to this policy:  No umbrellas, glass, aerosol cans, skateboards, skates, strollers, bicycles, scooters, golf carts, weapons, guns, ammunition, fireworks or flares.  No animals except for service animals.

All tracks search bags at track entry.  Any items left at the gate will be discarded, so keep this list in mind.  Leave it in the car or lose it. 

Have cash available.  Some concessions take debit cards, but this changes yearly and sometimes daily.  Prepare to use cash to purchase concession products.

Handicapped or fans with disabilities are encouraged to call ticket office at track as soon as possible to make arrangements.  Handicapped parking is always available.  However, if you require or desire more, do not expect to arrive at the track and be accommodated without prior arrangements. 

Do not purchase general admission in advance.  Weather might play into your track attendance so just purchase general admission when you arrive.

Ticket resales are strictly prohibited on the premises that include grounds and surrounding areas.  Even reselling tickets at face value is prohibited. 

INDYCAR Nation has been offering pit passes, garage passes and pre-race credentials along with ticket offers and bus trips all are a particularly good deal, depending on what type of experience you desire.   Make sure to check these great perks!

AIRLINE TICKETS.  We recommend you use Travelocity or any internet travel site for planning purposes only.  NEVER book from these websites, but if you find a fare and schedule you like, go to the individual airline website to book.  Southwest Airlines DOES NOT participate on these travel sites, but make sure to investigate their site.  Southwest doesn’t charge for the first two checked bags AND will let you make changes to your itinerary with no additional charges.  You must pay for the ticket at the time of purchase.

 CAR RENTALS.  The IZOD IndyCar Series endorses AVIS and offers discounts with this code:  HT719000. We recommend you go to and put in your travel dates.  NEVER book from this website, but go to the individual car rental agency that has the price you want to pay.  Many times the individual car rental agency will be LOWER in price than the carrents. Com site.  Make a copy of the rental reservation.  Check back with frequently as prices tend to drop as you get closer to the rental period.   If that occurs, simply rebook then cancel your original booking.  Make sure you are checking total costs, including tax.  Many car rental agencies won’t take a debit card, but we recommend using a credit card when you pick up the car.  Be aware the rental car agency MAY hit your card for your entire rental amount at the time of rental, so make sure you have some wiggle room on your credit line.

 HOTELS.  We will be posting recommendations on all North American events that we have found close to the track.  Many tracks are in the country and hotels/motels are a distance from the track.  Book EARLY – as soon as you think you want to attend an event – book the hotel first.  Don’t prepay.  If you have to cancel, it’s difficult and cumbersome to get a refund.  Pay attention to their cancellation policy, because if you can’t make it, you won’t have to pay for the room or any other charges.

If you are an AAA member, ask about discount offers when purchasing tickets.  They are involved in a few tracks and not only offer discounts, but also sometimes a buy one, get one offer and other incentives.

 First aid is available at all venues, but bring your own supply of aspirin and Band-Aids.  Bring a list of all meds, specific names and dosages in case of emergency and explain to someone in your party where the list is located.   You might want to exchange emergency phone numbers with all in the party incase it all goes wrong during your travel.

Renting or purchasing a scanner will enhance your enjoyment of the event.  We recommend, Racing Electronics as the easiest to use.  They are at most venues – look for the red Racing Electronics vendor trailer, Mention Champion Crew Conversation and it might get you a discount!

Cell phones, texting or tweets may or may not work at facilities.  Sometimes airtime is jammed.  Make other arrangements to meet up with members in your party in case technology fails.

Exhale and enjoy your adventure!  The INDYCAR Series is the best, most competitive racing in the world. 

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