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Justin Wilson Childrens Fund Details on News Page.

The 2016 IndyCar Season is not published, announced, or decided upon!  AGAIN!


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The purpose of this site is to promote and enhance the fan experience at the INDYCAR Series venues by having a one stop site to access information to the tracks, find hotels, restaurants, tickets and credentials and airport preference. We are going to share our 'INDYCAR road warrior' merit badges and experiences! The site will also provide a blog in which to share ideas, thoughts and tips on the events, travel to/from and just general bench racing by serious ICS fans.

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                         Points To Ponder

   Odd thing about family and friends; they argue, bicker, fuss and fume among themselves.  Far too often a tragic event brings everyone back to reality.  Such is the circumstances with the IndyCar community.

   We all mourn the passing of Justin Wilson and agree, he was a great person and a driver whose talents were underutilized far too long in substandard equipment.  Justin's calm, honest demeanor was prevalent at times when the people of IndyCar series were at their worst behavior, arguing, bickering and generally complaining to anyone who would listen.  First it was aero kits, then wings, push to pass, close competitive racing and the list goes on. 

   Justin will be missed as a father, husband, son, brother and by many friends.  He always had time to listen to anyone, but seldom complained himself.  Maybe Justin's legacy will be to bring this racing community back to its roots so the destructive, undermining words that continually surface will be curtailed.  All this after some of the most competitive events in history.  Just like a family?  We can only pray that common sense will prevail before it's too late.

    Rest in peace, Mr. Wilson, thanks for the memories.  You served well on your short earthly stay.  Judy



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